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Holiday & Hearth


ღ.¸¸. “Lasting happiness starts with one question…What can I celebrate?”~M Beckwith ❤ (ˆ◡ˆ✿)

I am the author of a blog that I call Holiday & Hearth. The goal of this collection of work is to help families and friends create meaningful ways to connect with nature and one another.

Holiday & Hearth is not meant to supplant other religious celebrations but rather is truly about sharing the complementary spiritual experience of attuning to the Earth and its cycles and celebrating this joy with loved ones regardless of religion and with utter respect to any other beliefs that people choose to enrich their lives with. Every tradition and religion is welcome.

Whether you would like to host seasonal celebrations once in a while (like a May Fair or a Harvest Festival) or on a more regular basis, I offer tips, tricks, examples, and resource suggestions to help you accomplish your goals.

Come join the magic!!

 Holiday And Hearth




Also, see my page dedicated to Holiday & Hearth here for more pictures!


Holiday and Hearth Seasonal Celebrations Blog Lisa Novelline Lisa Anne Novelline author writer